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EE 194
CS 194
EE 143
EE 147
Physics 137A
EE C128
EE 240B
EECS 126
EECS 151
EE 140
EE 142
EECS 127
EE 123
EE 105
EE 130
EE 118
EE 117
EE 120
EE 16B
EE 16A
CS 162
CS 61A
CS 61B
CS 61C
CS 70
Math 53
Physics 7B
His. 122AC
ColWrit R4B
Vis Sci 24
Psych 2
CS 195
EE 375

Complete Coursework

Here's a full listing of all my coursework (including associated grades, professors, and semester.)

Berkeley Abbreviation Topics Grade Professor
Spring 2022
EE 194 Ideation, Design, Schematic Capture, Layout (FinFET), Verification of custom radio components A+ Kris Pister, Ali Niknejad, Bora Nikolic
EE 240B Op-amps, Wide-Band Amplifiers, Gain-Bandwidth, Noise Design, Precision Passives, Analog Switches, Comparators, References, ADCs. A+ Ali Niknejad
EECS 126 Probability, Random Processes, Random Vector, Hilbert Spaces, Law of Large Numbers, Markov Chains, Central Limit Theorem A Kannan Ramchandran
EE C128 Feedback in basic control systems and design/tuning of hardware control systems P Somayeh Soujoudi
Fall 2021
EE 147 MEMS, Sensor Design and Transduction Techniques, Thermal Design Considerations, Process Technologies (thin-film) A Muhammad Hussain
Physics 137A Wave Function, Time-Independent Schroedinger Equation, Formalism, 3D QM, Spin, Angular Momenta, Hydrogen A Michael Crommie
EE 143 IC fabrication, Oxidation, Epitaxy, Lithography, Etching, Contacts, Process Integration A Muhammad Hussain
CS 194 Performance programming (SIMD, pre-fetching, memory hierarchy), Performance Analysis and Modeling, Shared Memory Parallelism, GPU Programming P Kathy Yelick
Spring 2021
EE 142 RF Design, ICs for Communications, Wireless, High Frequency Amps, Distortion, Noise, Power Amplifiers, Mixers, Oscillators A Ali Niknejad
EE 117 Transmission Lines, Maxwell's Equations, Reflection/Transmission, Antennas, Radiation, Diffraction, Wireless Systems A Boubacar Kanté
EE 123 Signal Processing, Sampling, Filter Design, Filter Optimization, DFT, FFT, DCT A Kannan Ramchandran
Fall 2020
EECS 151: Lecture Verilog, System Design, SRAM, DRAM, Caches, Digital Logic, FSMs, FIFO, Computer Architecture A Sophia Shao
EECS 151: FPGA Lab Verilog, FPGA, RISC-V Processor Design, Memory-Mapped I/O Peripherals, Digital Synthesis, Simulation Tools, Hardware Optimization A+ Sophia Shao
EE 140 Multi-stage Amplifier Design, Feedback Amplifiers, Op-amp analysis/design, 2-port analysis, frequency-response, ADC A Rikky Muller
EECS 127 Convex Optimization (LP, QP, QCQP, GP, SOCP, SDP), Duality, Linear Algebra (SVD, PCA, Matrix Properties, Least Squares Variants) A Venkat Anantharam
Spring 2020
EE 105 Analog Circuits, BJTs, MOSFETs, Transistor Design/Function, Circuit Design, Circuit Frequency Response, Nonideal Op-Amps A+ Ali Niknejad
EE 130 BJT/MOSFET Physics, Device Design and Performance Optimization, Semiconductor Physics, Transistor Fabrication, Integrated Circuit Manufacturing A+ Sayeef Salahuddin
CS 162 Operating Systems, File Systems, Computer Architecture, Security, Systems Programming, Networks, Distributed Systems A John Kubiatowicz
ColWrit R4B Writing and Communication Skills, Multimedia Presentations, Textual Analysis and Synthesis A+ David Wiese
Fall 2019
CS 61C Machine Structures, Processors, Physical/Virtual Memory, I/O, Logic Design, Design Tradeoffs A+ Dan Garcia
EE 118 Optical Engineering, Geometrical Optics, Aberrations, Apertures/Stops/Mirrors, Diffraction, Interference, Optical Devices, Lasers, Fiber Optics A+ Boubacar Kanté
EE 120 Continutous/Discrete Transform Analysis, Transfer Functions, Laplace/Z Transforms, Fourier Series/Transform, Feedback Control Systems, System Stability Analysis A Murat Arcak
EE 375 Teaching Pedagogy, Effective Teaching Techniques Pass Babak Ayazifar
Summer 2019
CS 70 Logic, Induction, Probability, Modular Arithmetic, Polynomials, Bayesian Inference A Dan Garcia
Spring 2019
EE 16B Circuit Design/Analysis, Signals and Systems, Frequency Analysis A Anant Sahai
CS 61B Data Structures (lists, queues, trees, hash tables, etc.), Algorithms, Software Engineering A- Joshua Hug
Physics 7B Thermodynamics, Electricity, Magnetism A Nathan Lowhorn
CS 9C Self-Guided Intro. to C Programming Pass N/A
CS 195 Social Ethics in Computing Pass John DeNero
History 122AC Antebellum (Pre-Civil War Era) US History Pass Sarah Gold McBride
Fall 2018
EE 16A Intro. Circuit Design/Analysis, Linear Algebra, Intro. to Machine Learning A Gireeja Ranade
CS 61A Python Programming, Software Unit Testing A- John DeNero
Math 53 Multivariable Calculus A James Sethian
Vis Sci 24 Seminar on Structure, Anatomy, and Physics of the Eye Pass Richard Van Slutyers
MCB 90D Seminar on Immunology Pass Russell Vance